Campaigns & Events

Don’t miss out on everything there is to be part of this semester!

Jan 15 Ballroom 1 & 2 Involvement Fair 10 am- 2  
Jan 22 Ash Room UC 2.03.06 Welcome Back! Meeting 6 p.m.  
Feb 5 Ash Room UC 2.03.06 Graphic Design & Photoshop Workshop 6 p.m. Speaker Kathy Braune
Feb 6 The Bright Shawl PRSA Luncheon 11:30-1 pm  
Feb 7 TBA 1st Social    
Feb 12 MB 2.312 Com Office Dues Deadline 9 a.m.- 5  
Feb 19 Ash Room UC 2.03.06 How to Land Rockstar Media Placements 6 pm Rebekah Epstein Skype
Feb 23 TBD Leadership Interest Workshop TBD  
Feb 28 -Mar 2 Dallas Red River Regional Conference    
Mar 5 Ash Room UC 2.03.06 Networking Tips & Mixer 6 pm Career Center Counselors & PR Pros
Mar 13 Charleston, SC National Assembly Mar 13-16  
Mar 19 The Bright Shawl Personal Branding Seminar & Mixer at 5 p.m. 8:30 am-4:30 am Pritch, PRSSA National Faculty Adviser
Mar 26 Ballroom 1 Night with the Pros 6 pm  
Apr 2 Ash Room UC 2.03.06 Elections 6 pm Come Vote!
Apr 3 The Bright Shawl PRSA Luncheon 11:30-1 pm  
Apr 12 The Collective Social TBD  
Apr 16 Ash Room UC 2.03.06 What’s So Important About LinkedIn?   Speaker: Matt Scherer
Apr 21-25 Various Shadow Days   Contact Corinne Mason
Apr 30 Ash Room UC 2.03.06 Professional Panel: Non-Profit, Corporate and Agency 6 pm  
May 2 TBD Awards Banquet 6 pm  



Unity PR, our student run firm, is currently working with UTSA’s Student Government Association (SGA). They will be handling all of their PR needs for the upcoming semester. This is the first publication for the Homecoming Golf Cart Parade. If you are interested in helping Unity PR contact Allison Kantner at one of our meetings or at

This next flyer is the one that Unity PR did for SGA’s Elections.


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