Why join PRSSA?

Enhance Your Education

  • Events. Network, learn and interact with public relations students from around the country at PRSSA events like National ConferenceNational Assembly andRegional Activities.
  • Competitions. Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, add to your portfolio and work with high-profile clients by taking the opportunity to compete in one of our many case study competitions.
  • Leadership. Add to your résumé and gain valuable leadership skills by running for office in your Chapterstudent-run firm or the PRSSA National Committee.
  • Scholarships and Awards. Be recognized for your accomplishments or let us help you fund your education through one of the many scholarships and awards PRSSA offers students each year.
  • News and Intelligence. Stay current on industry news and the latest trends in public relations through PRSSA and PRSA news and intelligence resources.
  • Writing. Add to your portfolio and be published nationally by taking the initiative to write for FORUM® or the PRSSA Blog.
  • Places to Study. Find a school with a PRSSA Chapters near you by browsing the list of Chapter in the United States and one in Argentina.

Broaden Your Network

  • Events. Develop valuable relationships with future colleagues and current professionals through national and regional events.
  • Social Media. Start discussions and connect with PRSSA members from all over by plugging in to PRSSA social media.
  • PRSA Sponsor Chapters. Meet current professionals, ask questions and get professional advice through your Chapter’s PRSA Sponsor Chapter.
  • Champions for PRSSA. Browse the Champions for PRSSA Directory to see this network of professionals dedicated to supporting PRSSA members and your education.

Launch Your Career

  • PRSA Jobcenter. Browse career resources and search for public relations employment opportunities all over the world with PRSA Jobcenter.
  • Internships. Get job-hunting tips, upload your résumé and find the most recent internship opportunities through the PRSSA Internship Center.
  • PRSA Associate Membership. Start networking and get connected to 20,000 public relations professionals when you join PRSA as an Associate Member for only $60 up to five months before or two years after graduation.
  • PRSA Sections. PRSA Professional Interest Sections connect you to others who work in a niche industry, such as sports, health care or the military. Check out PRSA’s Section specifically for New Professionals.

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