Annual Asian Festival Blog Review

My first time going to the Annual Asian Festival I had no idea what to expect from the day, but seeing a blending of cultures from various regions of Asia was an exciting experience for me! The doors opened at UTSA’s Institute of Texan Culture, and the building became flooded with people who had been waiting to take part in the various festivities. Once we were all handed access to the social media accounts to help promote the festival, the eventful day began. I had my phone with me throughout the whole day taking pictures, asking questions and learning more about the different cultures. It was exciting to take part in all the events, but overall I would have to say my favorite event was the fashion show. I had the best seat in the room with a front row, center stage view! I found it fascinating to see the different fashion styles throughout history from India, Indonesia, and China. It was definitely something I had never experienced before! I filmed and took pictures of the models in their outfits to post on social media to share my experience with others. Of course, I couldn’t leave the festival without having a taste of many traditional Asian meals. It was astonishing to see how excited everyone was about sampling the food as well, and I couldn’t help but try it out myself. The food was simply amazing!  You can’t go wrong with anything you try there! The food and events were exciting ways to teach everyone a little about the different cultures. Throughout the day I experienced multiple performances from the different regions of Asia, and also spent some time posting about the different cultural products that were being sold to the people visiting the festival. I had a lot of fun becoming immersed with a different culture, and learning about the responsibility of promoting and representing a celebration. I’m glad I was able to learn from this experience alongside my peers from PRSSA.

Written by Kristina Guevara