PRSA Luncheon: A Review

As a member of PRSSA for a year, I was excited to finally attend my first PRSA Luncheon with a fellow PRSSA member, Jessica. The June luncheon was held at The Bright Shawl and the topic was “Social Media: Creating Your Own Action Plan.” At the start of the luncheon Jessica and I were able to hand out raffle tickets, where PRSA members could win half of the earnings and the other half would go to the Marilyn Potts Endowment Fund for PRSSA students. It is wonderful to see that PRSA professionals are happy to invest in our future.

At the opening of the meeting a few members from the Time Warner Cable news team discussed the launch of the TWC News San Antonio channel that debuted June 2 for the local San Antonio area. They talked about the importance of finding newsworthy stories that were more than just gunfights and thefts. TWC seeks to find heart warming stories that showcase what a great city San Antonio really is. This is great news for local nonprofits that are looking for a platform to share their stories.

Following TWC’s team, the main speaker, Sarah Hicks began her discussion of a successful social media campaign. Sarah Hicks is the marketing manager for the San Antonio Orthopedic Group. To increase her company’s social media participation she took part in the San Antonio Business Journal’s “Social Media Madness” competition last year. Sarah was able to discuss in depth which social media strategies worked best and least for them. I really liked her idea of creating a stuffed orthopedic mascot that they took pictures with around the office, it seemed like a fun way to get everyone involved. They ended up winning the small business category of the entire competition.

Attending a PRSA luncheon was a fun experience that gives you a little taste of the professional world. I am thankful I was able to attend and I know this won’t be my last one!

-Chelsea Campbell


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