Online First

After having attended my second PRSSA luncheon, I think I might be addicted. The food was great but what really got me coming back were the guest speakers. This month I had the pleasure of learning more about online news from James Aldridge, digital editor of San Antonio Business Journal (SABJ). While my notes talk about Sharknado 2 and Becky Hammon, I did also get tips on having a multi-tiered strategy for pitching stories. I won’t be sharing all my tips today, but I will highly urge everyone to keep up with Aldridge online. Take a good look at how Aldridge formats his articles along with the website in general.

I am a student working as a waitress, and I have noticed more and more people, of all ages, staying connected on their phones. As noted by Aldridge at the luncheon, being online is how to get a reader’s attention. Sales of print media has dropped. What is actually catching the audience’s attention today? Readers want their news stories faster, to the point and a picture to go with the story. Website entries such as spotlight pages, photo galleries, and “listicles” are what helps to gain page views.

Although luncheons are quick, Aldridge gave an information packed presentation that left this listener wanting to read SABJ. I will be trying to get more print versions of SABJ, because they have more detail than their online versions, but I also love new Business Pulse 2.0 when I’m short on time.

-Jessica Tapia



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