June PRSA Luncheon Review

Well color me flattered. I just finished my first PRSA luncheon as a UTSA PRSSA student and I cannot believe that I did not take advantage of this opportunity earlier on in my college career. Everyone was very welcoming, even when I went around asking for money. Speaking of, the 50/50 raffle was a great way to support my fellow peers. I am very appreciative of the opportunity because I know some students have a hard time finding a way to pay for school.

Besides that, I was able to get great tips from Sara Hicks, marketing manager for The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. Her presentation showed what she did for last years San Antonio Business Journal’s Social Madness competition. The presentation shared her tips for creating an action plan, “Doing More With Less.” My hats off to Hicks because that competition looked fierce.

The luncheon also discussed Time Warner Cable and their hyper-local cable news channel. The news director, Michael Pearson, and managing editor, Crestina Chavez, shared the mechanics of how the channel would work.
I can’t believe the presenters were able to share so much information in just a short lunch session but I very appreciative of the opportunity and can’t wait for the next one.

-Jessica Tapia


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