PRSSA Volunteers For Asian Festival Communication Team

When I initially heard about the 27th Annual Asian Festival from Mr. James Benavides at PRSSA’s first meeting of the semester, I felt a bit nervous. After a semester of getting used to the organization, I knew that it was time to start getting involved and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. However, the idea of working alongside the highly professional people in our chapter without any experience of my own was daunting. I was afraid of seeming unprofessional, of not being useful enough in comparison. I didn’t even have a camera, or any public social media accounts to promote the festival like everyone else. After some reassurance from Mr. Benavides, however, I signed on.

My worries were unnecessary. Both my fellow students and Mr. Benavides were very welcoming, and gave me everything I needed to feel comfortable and productive. When I needed a ride to the event, a single email got me into a carpool. When I was sent with three other PRSSA volunteers to promote the festival at a separate event, the four of us traded tips on how to get out all of our fliers.

Afterwards, when everyone else went off to promote the event on Twitter and Facebook, I recorded the details of pictures as Mr. Benavides took them, and helped him keep track of events. This last task in particular gave me the advantage of working directly with a professional to offer helpful advice on event coverage. It didn’t hurt to have an excuse to watch the cultural displays either.

Volunteering through PRSSA has been comfortable, educational, and available. Furthermore, the relevance of these volunteer opportunities puts students in contact with helpful professionals as potential future contacts in the field and sources of guidance.

For a student without experience, PRSSA provides a great first step into the world of professional Communications.

-Kelsey Hart


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