PRSA Luncheon: A Review

On February 6th, 2014 I attended the PRSA Luncheon at The Bright Shawl from 11:30a.m.-1:00p.m.  The theme of the luncheon was “Working with Journalists: Best Practices and Insights for PR Pros.” After engaging in a brief meet and greet with some of the PR pros, we sat down for a delicious lunch, and listened to several different journalists speak. These journalists were members of the Society of Professional Journalists and were informing the audience on more effective ways for PR practitioners and journalists to communicate with each other. According to the speakers, communication between PR practitioners and journalists can be tricky at times, but the speakers refreshed our memories on how there are always more flexible and efficient ways to communicate. The journalists that spoke during this luncheon included: San Antonio Express-News reporter, Francisco Vara-Orta, Texas Public Radio Reporter, Eileen Pace, Express-News Community Newspaper Reporter, Edmond Ortiz, and News Executive Producer at Univision San Antonio, KWEX-TV, Mike Gaytan. Each journalist had great information to share with the audience, although, the one journalist that stood out to me the most was Mike Gaytan.  He made a very valid point on how the Spanish-language stations can be overlooked sometimes by PR practitioners, even though their station has potential for national and international reach for stories.  One thing that I have learned through my time in college is how communication thrives on diversity.  Pitching a story to a Spanish-language station is a perfect way to reach a more diverse audience.  Another important piece of information that I learned from each journalist that spoke was how to never excessively contact a journalist about a story that you want pitched. They all agreed that they would overlook your pitch if you bombarded them with phone calls and e-mails! Overall, I learned something valuable from each journalist that spoke, which will help better prepare me for when I enter the Professional workforce. I enjoyed my time at the PRSA luncheon and I can’t wait for the next one!   
-Jordyn Cavin

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