PRSA Luncheon: A Review

On January 9, I was given the honor of representing UTSA at PRSA’s monthly luncheon at The Bright Shawl. This month’s guest speaker was Sean Wood, multimedia manager at KGBTexas, who shared some advice on digital media and creating a company “newsroom.” Wood began by explaining that response to traditional media is declining while digital media is on the rise. His presentation outlined the need for a tailored approach when managing a company’s online and social media presence. I found the Zachary Holdings example particularly enlightening. They publish a monthly magazine/newsletter and mail it directly to their target audience (clients, employees), but the publication is also available on their website, so anyone with a casual interest in nuclear power plant development has access to the same materials. This way, ZH targets the right audience while also advancing their name and online presence. Between the excellent food, pleasant company, and an interesting presentation from a knowledgeable speaker, this event was a great experience. I encourage current PRSSA members to come out to one of these luncheons in the future and enjoy the surroundings while growing as young PR professionals.

-Oziel Alvarez


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