PRSA Luncheon: A Review

“Your website is like a night club. If you don’t update the drink menu and
the bands, people get bored and stop coming”.

With analogies as vivid and current as this, who wouldn’t have an
enjoyable time listening to Sean Wood talk about the emergence of
organization-made/self-made publicity.

Coca-Cola is kicking out the press release, and many organizations are
headed in the same direction: using the mainstream media less and using
their owned media more.

It’s a genius move. Who can tell your entity’s stories better than you? It
makes perfect sense to use your multimedia to reach out to the audience
that is willing to follow you. You reach an organic audience who truly
cares about your brand’s news.

The articles on PRSA Issues and Trends was starting to reveal this trend,
but it was refreshing to hear a local practitioner, Sean Woods relate it
to the San Antonio market.

Thanks to the Bright Shawl for a wonderful meal, as always. What was your
favorite quote from Sean Wood’s presentation?

-Ariana Trevino 

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