My Cookie Drop Day Learning Experience

I have sat in class and listened as my professor lectured on the importance of a press release. I have also written a few press releases for assignments, but I had never actually seen how a press release really helps to get the media out to an event. This was all true until I had the privilege of shadowing Stephanie Finleon and her communication team on Cookie Drop Day for the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas. It was such an amazing experience to see the lessons that I had learned in class put into action. I not only had the opportunity to see the hard work it takes to bring the media out to an event, but I was also able to be part of the action. I learned that it takes much more than just sending a well-written press release out once to get the media’s attention. If you want the media to come out to your event, you must follow up and reach out by phone as well. Oh, but the process does not end there. At the actual event, you must ensure that someone is there to greet and direct the media. I was fortunate enough to be that someone. This was more than any other shadow day where you are just taking notes and watching a professional hard at work. From putting together media kits to greeting and directing the media at the event, I can truly say that this was a hands-on learning experience for me. I could not be more grateful to everyone who made me apart of the team and taught me so much in just a few hours. I highly recommend that any student wanting to learn more on how press releases work or how a media event is run that they should take advantage of an opportunity such as this. I sure am glad that I did take advantage of this informative and fun opportunity.


-Michelle Jaramillo


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