Media Shadow Day Experience

By Rosemary Clark

On September the 14th I had the privilege of shadowing Mrs. Lilli Gonzalez with KGBTexas. Mrs. Gonzalez was so sweet and gave Christian and I wise words of how to get into the Public Relations world. The event itself was put together wonderfully. I took pictures for the event along with directing the media that showed up to the main stage. I was able to see what work was put in to put together an event like this. Since I arrived early to the event, I was able to meet other PR directors from St. Phillips College along with Incarnate Word. Just like Mrs. Gonzalez, they gave me some great insight to the PR world, their own experiences and how that has helped them in their career today.
    Because of the shadow day I am proud to say that I know the Public Relations field is just right for me. I loved every single moment of it. I was nervous going into the shadow day but looking back I had no reason to be nervous. Mrs. Gonzalez stressed to me that experience is the main thing that Public Relation students need. I am so ready to jump right on in and look into more shadow days. I think that everyone, no matter what field they are going into, should be able to have the same experience I had with Mrs. Gonzalez. Not only was it wonderful networking but I was able to expand my view to the PR world.


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