My Shadow Day Experience

Written by: Ariana Bocanegra


I had an amazing time shadowing Rebecca Fontenot, editor in chief of San Antonio Magazine. What was so amazing about this shadow day was that I was able to learn about 2 industries in one day: the magazine industry and the broadcast industry.
Broadcast: Rebecca appeared on the San Antonio Living show produced by WOAI to promote the April issue of San Antonio Magazine. We sat behind the scenes of the production. We saw the preparations made before each segment of the show was videotaped. There was all sorts of commotion as everyone prepared to go on air, but once the show was on air, everyone was quiet and focused in the background.
Magazine: I had no idea how much work goes into publishing a magazine. There are four account executives who sell ad space to companies who might be interested in reaching the San Antonio Magazine readers as customers. There is a graphic designer who designs the layout of pages and all images that go into the magazine. They have a photojournalist who takes pictures that are needed for an issue. They have a circulation and marketing manager who attempts to increase the number of subscribers to the magazine by making events and using other marketing techniques. The editor in chief and the assistant decide what goes in the magazine and what gets taken out. They are the filter for the message that the magazine wants to voice. There are also freelance writers and photographers who contribute to the magazine whenever it is needed.
Overall, I had a very interesting experience and I wanted to share what I learned about the magazine and broadcast industry!

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