Spring 2013 Executive Board

On December 6, 2012 the new executive board for PRSSA, UTSA chapter was announced at our winter banquet. Below you will find the names with their positions and emails for each executive board member.

Delisi Duarte – President – president.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Rolando Gonzalez – Vice President – vicepresident.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Jacqueline Rodriguez – Secretary – prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Alex Erazo – Treasurer – treasurer.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Fernanda Cantu – Director of Membership – membership.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Jaylon Brinkley – Director of Fundraising – fundraising.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Christian Navarrete – Director of Public Relations – pr.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Tanya Balderas – Director of Events – events.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
Roger Cardenas – Director of Unity PR – firmdirector.unitypr.prssa@gmail.com
Michelle Greene – Historian/Webmaster – historian.prssa.utsa@gmail.com
If you need to contact any of the e-board members please do so at their respective emails.
We look forward to continuing in our predecessors’ paths and making spring 2013 another successful semester for PRSSA!

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