PR in Politics w/ Senator Carlos Uresti

On November 1st, UTSA PRSSA was honored to host yet another guest speaker, one that plays a vital role in the lives of many San Antonio citizens, Senator Carlos Uresti. To the surprise of most, the Senator arrived at the meeting very relaxed, which in turn allowed our members to feel as though they could easily communicate with him.

The majority of the meeting, Senator Uresti informed the chapter of the role that PR plays in the game of politics. And let’s just say without PR professionals the game would probably not exist. What I took from the meeting is that PR Professionals are the connection between political candidates and their constituents. For instance, the signs, bumper stickers, billboards, and interviews are ways that the professionals get the name of their candidate out to the public. Also, social media has begun to play quite a part in the game as young adults are becoming a target of many if not all politicians. Doesn’t that seem exciting? How about a lot of work? Well it all pays off. With such responsibility as reaching potential voters PR professionals usually rake in the dough, as political campaigns are one of the most important parts of an election season. Factor in that these professionals may sometimes work for more than one politician which doubles their figures. It seems to be a pretty lucrative career choice in my opinion?

So to those of you who attended, would you be interested in heading into the Political PR world? What did you think of the meeting all together? We’d love to hear some feedback!

Also, on behalf of the UTSA PRSSA chapter I would personally like to say thank you to Senator Uresti  for such a great meeting and the opportunity to learn from him.


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