Fall Kickoff Meeting

Written by: Jaylon Brinkley




With seats nearly full, the officers in our dashing new t-shirts, and prospective members ready to be informed, it’s needless to say the year kicked off with a bang for the UTSA chapter of PRSSA.

The meeting was filled with diverse students ranging from freshmen to seniors, but the one thing they all had in common was, ” How can PRSSA help me?” So we told them. Each officer took the time to introduce themselves, while also giving a spiel on how PRSSA helped them, and in turn may help new members.Following that, the night ran swimmingly as President Harriet Duncan and V.P. Monica Trevino governed the meeting informing the masses with the events to occur this semester.

As the year begins to unfold, I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges. There seems to be an enthusiasm this year that exudes off of every one of the officers, and the variety of questions asked from members seems to show that they want to reach new heights this year. And to that I say the sky is the limit.



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