What jobs can you get with a Bachelors Degree in Communication?


A communications degree can open the door to a wide variety of careers in education, business, politics and advertising. A bachelor’s degree in communication is a viable option if you have strong writing and verbal skills, and a desire to take information and convert it to a message others may find helpful.


A communications degree can lead to numerous jobs under the publicity umbrella. The job of a public relations specialist is to promote his company, school or employer in a positive light. The employer can be a corporation, celebrity or even a politician. A public information officer’s role is to take information and turn it into press releases that explain his employer’s position on a specific topic.


A communications degree can be very helpful in the advertising industry. Career options include being an account executive or development manager. A bachelor’s degree can also lead to more creative endeavors, such as a copywriter, creative director or graphic illustrator. A good communicator can also find work as a media relations director or media planner.


In the education field, a communications degree has many uses across a variety of specialties. A communications major can pursue a job as a training specialist, an event coordinator or an administrator. If you prefer a teaching position, then a role as a debate coach, drama director or speech communications teacher might be for you.


A politician with a strong communications background has a myriad of opportunities. She can become an ambassador or diplomat, a community affairs officer, a lobbyist or a public information officer. Other roles, such as speech writer, research specialist and legislative assistant, are also possibilities.

Original article can be found at: What Jobs Can You Get With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_7933147_jobs-can-bachelors-degree-communications.html#ixzz1lTFZAAJA


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