Types of jobs in Public Relations

Many companies need some type of public support in order to become successful in today’s economy. This is huge service for public relations professionals. The main types of PR jobs are the same whether these professionals work in an internal PR department or for an independent agency.

Public Relations and Communications Specialists

Public relations or communications specialists are the professionals who develop and implement public relations plans. They may write and distribute news releases, contact the media and monitor media coverage and perform other tasks, such as coordinating events and contributing to corporate newsletters and websites. Public relations specialists handle both internal and external communication and ensure that all communications are consistent with the company brand and message strategy. Public relations professionals often communicate with multiple audiences, including the media, general public, employees and the government.

Media Relations

Some companies or organizations hire media relations specialists to handle all media related activities. This could mean serving as a spokesperson for the organization as well as handling all media outreach and coordination. Media relations specialists foster positive relationships with reporters and producers by not only responding to inquiries but also providing useful source information for stories. Media relations professionals may also coordinate the advertising efforts for a company or organization by developing advertisements and purchasing ad space or airtime.

Community Relations

A community relation is a subset of public relations. It involves outreach and communication with a specific community or audience. Nonprofit organizations often hire community relations professionals to handle outreach and social awareness campaigns through events.

Press Secretaries

Within the governmental sector, public relations professionals serve very specific functions. Most elected or appointed officials have a press secretary who handles the public relations related tasks. These professionals arrange, and often answer questions at, press conferences and provide information about the activities of the officials. Press secretaries often attend events with, or in place of, busy government officials.


In many Public Relations departments, they will hire a spokesperson to speak on behalf of the company or organization. This is especially common with nonprofit organizations that want to draw attention to a cause; many engage the services of a celebrity or other public figure to attract attention and support for the cause. In some cases, though, individuals who have experience with or a devotion to a cause are recruited to serve as spokespersons and be a part of public relations efforts.

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