The importance of PR in today’s government

The Public Relations Society of America has more than 21,000 active members.

In 2011 the news cycle runs 24 hours a day: This means official news, such as cable news networks, newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as social media. With the prevalence of sites like Facebook and Twitter an isolated incident can become an international news story in a matter of minutes. Unlike marketing and advertising, which execute carefully planned campaigns, public relations monitors and responds to news and public discussion, as well as proactively representing business, political and other organizational concerns.


In 1982, PRSA, Public Relations Society of America, adopted the following definition. “Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” Publics, in this case, refers to any group that may be interested in the organization or its operations. Examples of publics might include consumers, employees, investors, other organizations, the news media and voters. PRSA lists the government agencies, schools, colleges, voluntary associations, trade unions, foundations, religious groups and businesses as organizations that utilize public relations.

Crisis Management

Any number of emergencies may arise that directly affect an organization. This could include scandals, competitive issues, the actions of activist organizations, health and safety concerns and accidents. Public relations workers do not simply monitor the news for scandals, they actively look for sources of potential problems and engage in contingency planning in case the need arises. This means having information and a strategy on hand in the event it is needed.

Proactive Messaging

Public relations isn’t just about responding to crises when they arise. It is about putting the organizations best foot forward on a daily basis. This means issuing press releases and organizational information that presents the organization and its executives in a positive light. In addition to issuing news and information, public relations seek opportunities to engage with news media and the public on organizational matters.

Coaching and Consulting

In addition to monitoring news related to the company, public relations consultants coach managers, executives and others on dealing with the press and other public speaking engagements. Public relations also works with marketing and advertising to manage the organizations image and its broad messages. Public relations consultants will also frequently consult with other public relations consultants in large organizations. A public relations representative for a particular office holder, or state political organization, for example, may consult regularly with public relations representatives of the national party organization.

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