This is great advice from Lead Account Executive at Proterra Advertising Public Relations Division, Stephen Chavez.

Stephen Chavez

More and more students are realizing the value of an internship. While most internship are non-paid (you can sometimes get lucky and find paid opportunities) your investment of time can often propel your resume to the top of the pile when it’s time to job hunt. Here are a few quick tips from my experience as an intern and experiences I’ve encountered as head of the intern program at the agency I work at.

  1. You will get as much as you put in: I know this is cliché for just about everything in life but it does apply to your internship. Consistency is always key; if you invest 10-15 hours per week at your internship this allows your supervisor to assign projects he/she feels confident you can complete in the amount of time you’re in the office.
  2. Ask questions and offer assistance: I can’t tell you how many interns I’ve come across that…

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