Sell Yourself into a Job: 5 Ways to Master the Job Interview

Every interview has its own characteristics. However, one thing never changes: The candidate must fill a need. Jobs are created or re-filled because a need exists. It’s very important to find out what the “need” is. Sometimes, you can see it in the job description. But sometimes, you might have to research the company and/or industry. Once you know the “need,” you can practice being the solution and sell yourself into the job. Some tips for doing just that:

1. Be a storyteller. Be able to tell the interviewer stories about how you handled a situation. What were the specific things you achieved?

2. Be relevant. Your stories must be specific and relevant to the questions asked. Remember, it’s not what you say you did, it’s the actual specifics that will help you land the job.

3. Let your resume be your guide. Your resume and/or cover letter is what got interest. Make sure you can talk about each item you listed. Your resume is the “what” and the interview is the “how” you did it.

4. Less is more. As a communicator, you prepare your clients and senior management to stay on message. Be sure to do the same thing! Be prepared to answer in concise sound bites, as these stay with an interviewer. Long answers and rambling anecdotes just bore.

5. Communications is non-verbal, too. Watch your body language and the listen to the tone of your voice. Be upbeat and energetic.

In the recruiting world, the solution is the right hire. For the job seeker, that means selling your self verbally and non-verbally. Be the solution…get the job.


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