10 Resume Tips: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs


Resumes are just one step in the hiring process and the one where we have the most control. Because of that, we agonize over it and generally over-complicate it. Here are some ways to succeed in writing your resume — and ways to“suck eggs.”

1. The Truth about Visuals

  • The way to succeed: Submit an easy-to-read, focused resume.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Using multiple fonts, graphics, etc. will make a resume too hard to read.

2. Attention to Detail

  • The way to succeed: Submit a carefully proof-read resume.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Spelling errors, typos, etc. don’t get you a second chance.

3. Separating Fact from Fiction

  • The way to succeed: Always submit a truthful, accurate resume.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Fictitious information such as wrong dates and missing employers will just cause trouble later on.

4. Nail Down the Objective

  • The way to succeed: Spend the extra time to write a tailored, well-defined objective.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: If it’s too general, it won’t provide any information for the reader — and will look like you blasted it out.

5. Brevity Helps

  • The way to succeed: Submit a concise, two-page resume.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Make it quickly scannable; pages of useless information do not help the reader.

6. Active Verbs Rule

  • The way to succeed: Craft well-written and meaningful work descriptions; don’t just copy and paste.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Highlight what you DID (i.e., use verbs) as opposed using just the “descriptions” (nouns and adjectives) for each position you have held.

7. Personalize (within Reason)

  • The way to succeed: Provide only relevant personal information.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Including past relevant interests is a no-no, and so is listing more than one or two current relevant interests.

8. Get Thee to a Grammarian

  • The way to succeed: Submit a pronoun- and adjective-free resume.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Not banishing “I,” “my,” “our” or adjectives like “creative,” “accomplished,” “team-player,” will diminish your resume’s impact.

9. Revisit Contact Info

  • The way to succeed: Always review your contact information and provide only a professional email address.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Iamanidiot.com is not a good address — even if it’s current.

10. Cutting Corners?

  • The way to succeed: Always submit a complete resume – that means all dates, jobs, etc.
  • The way to “suck eggs”: Missing data makes resume readers feel you are hiding something. You don’t have to describe every job, but you need to provide dates and a brief summary of early years/education.

These 10 tips should help you succeed at resume writing. The alternative is not good!


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